Use of images consent form

St George’s Weybridge (the School) makes various uses of images of students during their time at the School. Some of these are necessary for administration and the safety of pupils, such as CCTV and for your child’s school security ID.

We believe that photographs and video are a special way to share life at the School with family, friends and the local community and hope that every child will be proud to represent their school in this way. In order to record school events and celebrate successes we often photograph memorable moments and/or children who have achieved something of significance. No pupil will be photographed against their will. Media may be included on the School’s website or as part of promotional materials, press releases, social media channels or newsletters.

Safeguarding our pupils in the public domain is very important to the school, as are privacy and data protection.

It is our policy to request permission from parents to take, store and use images of your child/ren for marketing purposes. In completing this form, please remember that:

  • Images will be carefully and sensitively chosen and will not be used out of context
  • Images will become part of the school archive, providing a wonderful visual picture for future generations
  • Students will only ever be identified by their first name unless individual permission to use a full name has been obtained from you and your child
  • Groups of students may be referred to collectively by year group, house or team

You can read our Privacy Policy, Safeguarding Policy and Taking, Storing and Using Images of Children Policy on the School’s website at

If you have any concerns or queries regarding use of images for marketing purposes, please contact the Marketing Department on 01932 839400 or email

Full name(s) of child/ren

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I give permission for images of my child/ren to be used in St George’s Weybridge media for marketing purposes in the manner described above
If there is an important reason why your child/ren cannot be photographed, and you are happy to share this with us, please indicate here.

You may withdraw consent at any time, subject to the policies stated above, by emailing the Marketing Department at

Please leave the next box blank or your submission will not be accepted: