Academic Support Questionnaire

St George's Weybridge Academic Support Questionnaire:

Please complete this form regarding your child’s Academic Support needs. This information will be treated in confidence and forwarded to the Head of Academic Support, who may contact you for discussion. In order for Exam Access Arrangements to be considered, both this completed form AND full supporting documentation must be received by the College by 30 November in Year 6 (or 31 October in Year 11 for Sixth Form entry). The College reserves the right not to consider applications received after this date.

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My child has been formally diagnosed with a Special Educational Need / Additional Learning Need / relevant medical condition *
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** This must be dated within two years of the date of the entrance test.

We attach a full copy of an Educational Psychologist** / Specialist Teacher** /
specialist medical report *
My child’s current school will provide a JCQ Form 8 (16+ applications only) *
We attach a full copy of any other assessments relating to additional learning
needs (e.g. IEP, specialist medical report, Clinical Psychologist report, CAMHS report,
Speech and Language assessment, Occupational Therapist assessment) *

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) produces strict regulations each year concerning the awarding of Access Arrangements in examinations. It is the responsibility of the school to make a strong case for reasonable adjustments, based on the history of need, the normal way of working, and standardised assessment scores. For full details, please visit Please note in particular the newly-updated criteria for qualifying for 25% extra time in examinations, based on standardised scores in assessments, found on page 30 of the current document Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments 2021-22.

I have read the JCQ guidance alongside my child’s EP report, and I am satisfied that he/she qualifies for the following examination Access Arrangements:
My child has been receiving extra one-to-one Learning Support or small-group tuition *
I give my consent for my child’s current school to be contacted for further information *
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